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I'm Gerald Yaffie. 


From architecture through advertising to film directing, my career has always been centred on the visual, but  photographing animals in their natural habitat  has always been my abiding passion.


Gerald Yaffie - Nature Images Direct_edi

Nature Images Direct began in December of 2017; I was flying in a hot air balloon at dawn, over the Namib Desert, photographing animals and landscapes, as I had many times before, when I decided to turn my passion into something more.


The idea was not just simply to sell photographs of animals in the wild or amazing landscapes; it was about telling the story of how these animals live, to show their power and beauty but with one powerful aim in mind; conserving them for future generations.

In some small way, that’s what my photographs are setting out to achieve. Because if you hang a photograph, then you're showing interest in its subject and interest is the first brick in the wall of conservation.  

But as well as the hours spent getting just the right shot, I also took great care in sourcing the best and most contemporary way of framing and hanging them, to ensure you and your family and friends can enjoy them for decades to come.

Let's keep the conservation and the conversation going.


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